Whitney Jameson

I help women and couples engage in healing relationally and personally using evidence-based practices and Biblically based resources. 

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Hello, nice to meet you!

I'm Whitney

I have my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and am a Registered Counseling Intern in Florida.

I use the skills and education I have gained to help coach and counsel others into a healthier life.  I love helping individuals and couples like you work through all kinds of challenges, build self-confidence, set healthy boundaries, & prioritize themselves with increasing joy, ease, & success in all areas of their life. 

I live with my loving husband, Nate and my puppy, Pippa.

I can help you Heal From...

Poor sense of self from emotionally abusive and psychologically immeshed relationships.

Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse refers to a form of emotional, psychological, and sometimes even physical abuse inflicted by individuals with narcissistic traits or narcissistic personality disorder. 


Codependency is a complex and unhealthy pattern of behavior that develops in relationships where one person excessively relies on another for their well-being. It often involves a disproportionate focus on meeting the needs of the other person, to the detriment of one's own needs and desires. 

Couples Issues

There is hope for your marriage to heal and thrive! Achieving a better marriage through the Gottman Method involves applying a research-based approach to enhance communication, understanding, and connection between partners.

How It Works


Email me to schedule a 15 minute consultation


We'll have a quick 15 minute call to determine if there is a good fit for your needs


If there is a good fit, schedule your sessions online a la carte or using a package


Enjoy your personal growth and healing

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Mental Health Coaching

Mental health coaching is not traditional therapy or counseling. It's an active collaboration to create the life you want. I'll work with you to set goals, overcome challenges, and build habits for well-being. Studies show coaching boosts resilience, lowers anxiety, and enhances quality of life. But you have to take action now.

Counseling Care

Unlike coaching, I will help you diagnose and treat mental health conditions you may be facing. You'll develop new coping skills and strategies tailored to your unique situation.

*Florida Residents Only, Virtual and In-Person Options

Couples Services

My couples counseling service is dedicated to nurturing and strengthening the bonds between partners, fostering healthier communication, and helping couples navigate challenges together. 

Working with Whitney was a transformative experience. Her insights and guidance helped me to gain clarity on my goals and develop a roadmap to achieve them.


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Incredibly supportive, she helped me to develop a plan of action that felt both achievable and exciting.


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I feel grateful to have found such a wonderful counselor, and I highly recommend Whitney to anyone looking to heal and make positive changes in their life.


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